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New mixology masterclass

Over the past several years, I’ve had a blast working with thousands of people beginning and furthering their cocktail journeys.

I take great pride when people say I make the process simple and fun. But while we cover a lot of ground in a 90-minute class, we can only cover so much in that time.

For those looking to take things to the next level and beyond, I’m excited to announce a new path, a two-day hands-on workshop with tracks for

By the end of the masterclass

  1. The principles of mixology will never have felt clearer or easier

  2. You will have a solid foundation to build upon

  3. You will have the tools to dissect a problem when a drink or experiment goes awry

  4. *For industry folk, you'll know how to build and maintain a delicious and profitable menu

Lauded mixologists Kira Webster of iNDO and Sado and Tim Wiggins of Yellowbelly and Lazy Tiger will co-teach this with me sharing their creative process, how they bring show-stopping drinks to life, and more.

For those in the industry, we'll discuss crucial factors like improving margins (buying smarter, reducing waste, efficiencies, etc.) and ensure your staff is ready to execute.

Classes will be in small groups of no more than 6 people for dedicated attention. Pricing begins at $1,500 for enthusiasts (the first cohort is $950), which covers everything over the two days. All dates are TBD.

For more information and to submit your interest:

We're excited about this, but as with all new things, as we hear more from those who are interested, the curriculum will be tailored if needed.

If you’re ready for the principles of mixology to never have felt clearer, for making a drink to feel easy, and to have the skills to understand what is wrong when something does go awry, join us.


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