About Us

Decoding Cocktails exists to simplify cocktailing for people at home.

Learning to make a delicious drink is like learning to ride a bike. Your first ride can be down a mountain but it’s probably best to begin in the driveway, getting a feel for it.

You’ll feel ready to treat yourself, entertain friends, and navigate cocktail menus.

Our Cocktail Philosophy

Making a cocktail is often a spur-of-the-moment decision. It's 5 o'clock and you think, “what would I like to drink?”, or a friend drops by. If you don't know basic techniques and simple recipes, a cocktail can end up feeling like work when all you want is a drink. For many of us on most occasions, something simple, delicious, and soothing to the soul is what we want. 

We begin by teaching basic techniques and principles in a fun environment.

We often begin with three-ingredient cocktails. 

Q&A is essential. I want you to learn from my mistakes and avoid unnecessary potholes.

Finally, I believe in having a great time in class.

A simple recipe + A delicious result = You feel confident doing it again

Cocktailing is a skill you can enjoy for the rest of your life... your friends and family will too!

“Good food is very often, even most often, simple food”

Anthony Bourdain

Chris LeBeau

Founder, cocktail enthusiast

My cocktail journey began around 2010. While my learning and confidence have accelerated in recent years, I often felt lost or stumbled along the way.


This program is built to help curious, aspiring home bartenders like you begin or accelerate your cocktail journey and find the confidence to make them without sweating. Once you have a foundational base, we add on from there.

The reality of most at-home happy hours is not deciding what cocktail to have but following the path of least resistance. If a cocktail feels hard then a glass of wine, a beer, a seltzer, or spirit on the rocks often ends up being the choice. There is nothing wrong with any of those but we help you level the playing field.

Once you have a handful of three or four-ingredient recipe families under your belt, we’ll show you how simple ingredient substitutions lead to a near-endless array of drinks.

When you feel more confident making, tasting, and tweaking a drink, your enjoyment goes up and a lifelong skill is at your disposal. 

What People Say

"When the world shut down, and we realized our Bachelorette party in Mexico was no longer possible, we looked for other options. Chris’s hosting skills, easy-to-follow instructions, and willingness to answer tons of questions were exactly what we needed to have fun, and learn useful cocktail recipes!

Since that time, I’ve worked with Chris to host my birthday, and recommended him to others. Chris teaches in a way that’s easy to follow and tailor to your individual tastes. Whether you’re looking for fun with friends, or an activity with coworkers, he is the perfect partner."

— Natalie LaFranzo,