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Transform Your Bar or Restaurant's Cocktail Program

If you’re looking to profitably grow your business, attract new patrons, and stand out from other establishments, it’s time to revisit your approach to cocktails. A well-designed and executed bar program offers strong margins and serves as a natural conversational piece. 

As the consumer’s palate becomes more curious and discerning, it’s time to ask, “Have I adequately invested in ensuring we can create delicious drinks and a memorable experience?" As cocktails become more common, the difference between a decent drink and an incredible one is becoming more apparent to the consumer, which can impact your margins.


Our Approach

Despite the extravagance and complexity of some cocktails, a well-executed easy-to-make libation never fails to impress. 

We create captivating experiences around deliciously simple cocktails. We routinely see our guests have revelatory moments as they sip something or learn about a drink or an ingredient they didn't understand. This almost always leads to them asking, “What else should I try?” 

Beyond designing a menu that you will approve, conducting staff training, and ensuring your bar is efficiently set up, we’ll work with your team on how to sell cocktails. An important differentiator is not just describing a drink but sharing fun and interesting things about it. People enjoy being excited about what is to come.

"All it takes for something extraordinary to happen is one person with enthusiasm."

Stories and descriptions are also helpful when it comes to customers who are on the fence about cocktails. They’re often afraid a drink may be too sweet, too boozy, or not to their liking. The ability to guide while explaining what to expect helps draw them in and often turns them into fervent advocates.

What to expect

In summary, we will work with you and your team in 3 ways

  • Training and education: Through hands-on instruction and conversation, we will ensure your team has the knowledge and skills to confidently create drinks and entertain your guests.

  • Menu review or creation: we will work with you to ensure your menu reflects your establishment and that the recipes are not overly complex and have a strong profit margin. We'll also discuss the importance of delicious alcohol-free options.

  • Operational efficiency: when an establishment has good drinks, they sell more of them. We will work with you on shift prep, workstation setup, and other workflow areas to ensure your team operates efficiently. 

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We're typically in touch within 24 hours. Cheers!

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