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Cocktails Decoded

A two-day intensive workshop that will supercharge

your bar program and improve your margins.


Created by Chris LeBeau and co-taught with industry experts

This hands-on program will teach your team proper technique, root cocktails ratios that yield easy-to-execute house riffs, help you hone your palate, and highlight cost-saving and upselling tactics to drive margin.

What to expect

DecodingCocktails_april22_lazyTiger-6934_websize copy_edited_edited.jpg

If you’re ready for the principles of mixology to never have felt clearer, assembling a drink to feel easy, have the tools to know what is wrong when something does go awry,

and know how to build and maintain a delicious

and profitable menu, join me. 


What's included

The class, take-home packet, access to an online content bank, peer learning, access to experts, margin-improvements cheat sheets, and all food and beverage, post-class happy hours.

Cost: $1,800


Contact us if you're interested. We also offer a fast-launch 101 program.

We'll be in touch!

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