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Infuse your tequila with strawberries

My knee-jerk reaction to the term #strawberrymargarita is not good. The first thing I think of is the infamous red bottle of sweet artificial mix.

But my second thought is, "Damn. I love strawberries 🍓 and tequila. How do I bring them together in a delicious way?"

I came across a recipe called "Tequila por mi amante" from Charles Baker's 1939 book The Gentleman's Companion: Being an Exotic Cookery and Drinking Book. Sidebar: that's a great title.

It's a simple way to enjoy strawberry-infused #tequila. I hear the final product can be enjoyed neat, with club soda, or in a #margarita. I'm in! The process as a whole takes a couple of weeks but it will take you just a couple of minutes of hands-on work.

Here is what you need. (scale this recipe up or down)

  • 16 oz reposado tequila: The brief barrel aging a reposado receives helps mellow the tequila. Use what you feel like but Ocho, Cimarron, and Espolon are good brands.

  • 650 grams / ~23 oz of strawberries. They're in season now!

  • Glass jars for storage


The steps

  1. Wash your strawberries

  2. Cut off the tops and slice them in half.

  3. Place them in a jar. FYI, the jar pictured is 24 oz and is holding half of the recipe.

  4. Top with tequila and put a lid on the jar.

  5. Place in a cool, dark place.

Next steps

  • Once a day for the next 3 weeks, give the jar a brief shake.

  • At the end of 3 weeks, strain the tequila through a coffee filter.

  • Enjoy delicious strawberry-infused tequila.

Important: I will post again in 3 weeks to document the straining process and the ways I'm enjoying it. Don't miss it. Subscribe 👇


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