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Learn how to make $15 cocktails for $3

There are few places I enjoy more than bars and restaurants. I love taking in the cultures within them, the people, and, of course, the libations.

Despite that, as a small business owner, I’m not made of money. Throw in an economic downturn and pair it with increasing prices, and a delicious cocktail has a bite to it beyond the booze. Reducing my spending while living a good life within my budget is the goal.

Years ago, I realized my love for good coffee was adding up. By the time I tipped the barista, it was a five-to-seven dollar daily expense and added up fast. A quick bit of math told me that buying a good grinder, water kettle, scale, and pour-over equipment would cost me upfront, but it would not take long before I could buy whatever pricey bag of beans I wanted because I’d be saving down the road. And that is how I start my morning has begun for years. I’ve never done the math, but I am sure the savings is thousands of dollars.

The same is true with cocktails. Buying a good jigger, shaker, spoon, glassware, and more (see our gear page) will set you back more than a few dollars. But you only have to buy the equipment once, and once when you feel comfortable using it, you can punch out most classic cocktails for less than $4 instead of $15.

Going to the bar is something I always look forward to, whether it's for a unique house creation, a well-made classic, or a Busch beer. But by learning which ingredients are cost-effective buys, mastering techniques (shaking, stirring, dilution, and chilling), and the superpower of deploying a good-looking glass and garnish, you can make a homemade cocktail look world-class.

It is a great way to save money, and it feels good sliding a friend or loved one a beautiful drink.

Let us teach you the principles of shaking and stirring to save you money without compromising on having a great drink.

Join us for a cocktail class, or reach out with questions.


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