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Does the bar have a TV?

Today I chatted with Kevin Pigott, the global brand ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W. It was a good time, and I look forward to sharing it. I asked if he’s noticed differences between American and Irish pubs. He said that despite an affinity for sports and music, many pubs in Ireland offer little except for a space to be with your friends, family, and whoever else drops in. There are plenty of places with music and TVs, but many in his mind, do not.

He spoke of the beauty of being in a “snug,” a small booth in the corner where time melts away, and there is nothing to do but chat, laugh, and share what is on your mind.

The nice part about a TV in a bar is it gives me something to do. The tough part is it can distract me from what I mean to do. After Kevin and I chatted this afternoon, I met my aunt for happy hour. But there were times my train of thought got lost because the TVs in the background stole my attention.

While I’m not shy when it comes to reaching out to friends, sometimes I can delay or end up not doing it because I’m laboring over, “what will we do?” While there is plenty that we could do and not all of life has to be in a bar, can’t talking and being together be enough?

No major overhaul is required, but sometimes I have to get rid of notions of a grand plan and aim simply for some good time with my friends in a snug at whatever watering hole suits our fancy.

Sláinte, Kevin.

p.s. I dare you to watch this spoken verse video of Kevin and not be inspired.


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