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Day of the Dead, Water of Life

This week I edited an upcoming podcast interview with terminal cancer survivor and distiller #JackieSummers of #Sorel (episode out Tuesday). I also taped a conversation with MariCarmen Ortiz-Conway, a tequila expert.

The vitality Jackie brought to our conversation, and seems to bring everywhere, was a reminder for me to cherish the moments and people I have. Jackie spoke of telling people you love often, "make it weird", he said. In the midst of a rapid-growth business cycle that has to be taxing, Jackie chooses not to see the hardship but rather the blessing. This has served as an important reminder for me among my own trials of running a business.

MariCarmen and I chatted days before the #DiaDeLosMuertos holiday. She pointed out that all of us often think of loved ones we've lost around major holidays, but here in the US we don't have a day set to honor them.

These two conversations landed on me in a good way. It also brought to mind the chance to discuss and sample the growing variety of spirits emerging from Mexico beyond tequila and mezcal, like Pox (posh), Pulque, and Mexican rum.

I'm going to host a celebration and discussion on Wednesday November 2nd at 5:30 central time at my home in Benton Park. There will be things to taste and snacks. The one requirement to attend is sharing a story or lesson you learned from a loved one.

Want to attend? Shoot me an email.


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