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A new asset for your next event or product launch

When you’re hosting a client or employee event, why employ bar services that push forgettable drinks as opposed to a menu that becomes part of the conversation?

Your organization or client wants to see its #brandstory reinforced and amplified in unique

and effective ways. What if a cocktail “in hand” could keep the message “at hand”?

Whether it’s a hands-on drink-making workshop or tending bar, Decoding Cocktails goes the extra mile by meeting with clients in advance to learn and discuss their goals to make their event or activation a greater success. In addition to my experience in mixology, I bring years of marketing and strategic planning work to the table that help me build something remarkable for clients.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge with a client or to build camaraderie and memories among employees, we’d love to discuss how we can be a partner that helps you change the game.


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