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5 Days in New York

My wonderful parents have decided to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary in New York and are "dragging along" my brother, sister-in-law, and me. It'll be nice to spend so much time together and see things they've always wanted to or want to visit again.

But since I have a good deal of time, I have a list of places to see. There is the must-see, hope-to-see, and wish I could but probably won't. Some of them fall where they do in part based on logistics.

On the itinerary

Dear Irving on Hudson: One of the things my parents want to do is see a broadway show. After a Moulin Rouge matinee, we'll visit this scenic venue to sample Meaghan Dorman's award-winning drinks.

The Dead Rabbit: the accolades for this place are numerous, and upcoming podcast guest Jeff Savage of The Fairmont in Vancouver once said it was his favorite bar in the world. That's a bold statement.

Valerie: "I know the bartender" is a statement guaranteed to produce an eye roll, but former podcast guest and my Tales of the Cocktail buddy, Marshall Minaya, runs this program, so I have to check it out right?!

Katana Kitten: This place feels like a confluence of Japanese attention to detail, playful decor, and sometimes rowdy behavior. My kind of place.

Dante: Since I'll be in New York during #NegroniWeek, I believe I'm legally obligated to visit this spot.

Leyenda: As I was ramping up my cocktail study in 2020, Ivy Mix released Spirits of Latin America, which gives a great survey of agave, sugarcane, and grape distillates. The drinks also look phenomenal, and it's apparently where Marshall and his wife love to spend an afternoon.

Maison Premiere: I have loved the over-the-top images and playful spirit that come out of this spot for a long time. A touch of New Orleans in New York. The way they garnish with a flourish makes their drinks feel elegant but fun.

The Long Island Bar: The drinks will be great, but to be honest, this visit is to see if cocktail-savant Phil Ward is working.

Hope to make it

Ponyboy: this place came up in conversation. If my trip(s) to Brooklyn get out of hand, this looks like the place I want to end up. Look at their Instagram and tell me it doesn't look like a riot!

The Cabinet: where Greg Boehm appears to "hide" all of his mezcal.

Honorable mention

Death & Co: I owe this bar program and their books a lot, but I'm not sure I can make it,

Amor y Amargo: they're across the street from D&C, so if I make it there, hopefully, I can make it here.

What would be on your list?


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