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Are you ready to bring your drink program up to par with your food?

Taste and see the difference before deciding

Are you a restaurant or bar owner looking to take your revenue and reputation for a great experience to the next level? A great place to invest is your cocktail and spirits program. 

Decoding Cocktails offers a complimentary cocktail comparison service so you and your customers can taste the difference before leaping. Some say “the proof is in the pudding”, but we believe it lies in the cocktail. 

Our team will provide complimentary cocktails for up to two hours during one of your services alongside your current version of the same drink when possible. This allows you to taste the two and make the call yourself. Beyond drinks, this will provide time for you and your patrons to get to know us and ask questions. 

We’ve taught thousands of people the craft of mixology, know what people find delicious, and can help your team master the basics and build on it from there. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your bar's cocktail experience, stand out from the competition, and drive more revenue to your bottom line. 

We are betting that you’ll taste the difference and feel ready to invest in taking your drink program to the next level. If you’re interested to learn more, fill out the application.


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