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Elevate your client and employee engagement events

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Perfect for employee, client, and donor engagement


Our 101 class (video overview) will introduce you to the fundamentals of mixology. You'll get hands-on experience measuring, shaking, stirring, and adjusting cocktails to suit your palate. 

Our new 201-level class (video overview) is for those ready to dive deeper. We'll explore how to level up your cocktail game with techniques like fat washing, using esoteric liqueurs, and fortified wines, and we'll taste the ingredients to hone your palate.

Have a group that is spread out?  No problem.  We deliver an equally engaging and informative experience through virtual classes. They're easy to execute and $450.

A hands-on, inviting class that creates a unique way to engage and entertain a group. 

My career prior to this one was in marketing and strategic planning. With that, I can create tailored menus and provide industry anecdotes to help teams brainstorm and take your brand further.

Cocktail confidence shakedown: two people compete at the end of the event for glory and a barware prize.

Our Clients Include

"We hosted Chris at our team retreat and everyone is still raving about it. It’s interesting, professional, relaxing, and one of the best events we've ever done. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new and laughing a lot."

Kim Plank, 

VP Business Development, VARIO

Corporate booking


Give us a call (314-971-6136) or fill out this form

We're typically in touch within 24 hours. Cheers!

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